Who are RAVAS?

RAVAS is an independent pressure group of UK retailers set up by Richard Allen that has successfully fought to end the exploitation of LVCR via the Channel Islands and also to ensure that Online Market Places collect VAT for non UK sellers in order to prevent VAT evasion. RAVAS has worked with Vatfraud.org on the VAT evasion problem.

Full details and historical information relating the RAVAS campaign can be found at:


and the work of VATfraud.org can be seen at :


What we do!
RAVAS is an association of retailers from all sectors of the market including horticulture, ink cartridges, electrical goods, CD and DVD retail, computer peripherals cosmetics and anything else that can be sold mail order. We have no political agenda other that we are united in our vision that if we have to pay VAT the Government should make sure everyone operating in our marketplace pays it as well. We do not accept that we should have to factor tax avoidance or evasion into our business operations and we expect the Government to prevent the avoidance and evasion of indirect taxation. Together we collect information on the abuse of LVCR and feed it to the European Commission and HMRC and if necessary we will take collective legal action to force them to take action. We have legal and tax advice from a number of experts who have given their time to help us. Please join us and add to our knowledge base.